Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Rebellious Faction

Well, having not painted any for the best part of four and a half years, I finally got back to the Jewish Project and thoroughly enjoyed turning out a couple more units.

Firstly a third unit of 'Heavy' infantry; veterans, well practiced at fighting in close order and with the best - often looted - equipment:

These models are an improved mix of poses and equipment, thanks to the introduction of some Victrix Carthaginian spearmen.  More particularly, their set is a supply for a good number of oval shields and different helmets.

 Realising that human and animal designs were prohibited in the Jewish faith at this time, I've limited the shields to plant life and inanimate designs, so more accurate I think than the last unit I did.  The Mantles are much better here, with a more natural flow; thanks to the use of olive oil and a plastic rolling board to allow me to get the Greenstuff extra thin.

Next I did a unit of lighter guerrilla's, made only from the Wargames Factory Numidians.  At this point I would note I'm glad I bulk bought a 150 or so of these guys five years ago, as to date their new owner, Warlord Games, has not chosen to re-release them.

 These chaps use mostly the javelin arms, with only a couple of large shields, and a bunch of hide covered, wicker shields, I made simply from some etched plasticard.  I tried the classic Arabic head cover, using the mantle, on several models for some variety.

 These chaps would not lead the fighting line, but favour skirmishing, though they can support the mainline from the rear.

Whilst into it, I decided to produce a General, based on the Carthaginian Infantry commander in the Victrix set, he looks the part.

Johnathan, and a chubby priest!
 I'm not so convinced by his portly pal.  I wanted to do a Jewish Priest, but I certainly hit my sculpting limits here trying to put robes over a Numidian torso.  The finished figure is disappointing, but he'll have to do.  The Perry's can rest easy.

At last this is something like a battle array, with three units of heavy infantry, and two light, plus a commander.  Not a full army by any means, but progress is being made.

 About the size of a Warhammer Ancients army, i.e. too small by far
And a colourful force they are too!  Something I really like.

But now I must decide what to add next, and then do some more sculpting.  I think there is enough heavy infantry for now, bowmen and slingers seem to me to be the next choice.

Monday, August 07, 2017

And now for something completely different

I do not know if the following will ever find a purpose.  They were something of a whim.

One of the very first things I painted three years ago after my hiatus from the hobby, was a batch of Reaper future police from my Bones Kickstarter; a set of models I felt would be good to practice on and were of no particular use to me.  They ended up sold on eBay for a pittance.

Now I've dipped into  the same unending box of toys to paint a handful of new models, with at least a notion they could serve in some of the small scale Sci-fi miniatures games Osprey, among others, seem to have been churning out of late.

Choose your poison!
My general view on Sci-fi warfare remains unchanged; I hope to goodness that in due course it will become an artefact of history, at the very least, technology will surely bring conventional warfare to an end, as the technology becomes terrifyingly autonomous and ever more potent.  Not much of a game really, and one I'd hope wouldn't exist by then*!

However at the human scale of handfuls of individuals, the position may well be different, with the same old lusts for wealth, power and revenge.  Whether 20 minutes into the future, 20 years or 200; these elements may remain unchanged, and perhaps excuse a game.

Consequently, I plucked a set of miniatures out of the horde for a quick paint job, creating a special forces-esque, police or corporate security team:

 The group is led up by a couple of detectives:

 I think these may have been meant as Steampunk or modern fantasy models, but I think they painted up suitably together.  Straight out of a futuristic buddy movie.  Only quickie paint jobs, and as a result the male figure looks a little chalky under the flash; but not bad for the limited time invested.

Supporting these are the security team, including a range of heavy weapons:

Sniper, Flamer and Minigun
 As well as more conservatively armed members, including their sergeant:

These were done in a bluish green base, a slight variation on one of my favourite colour schemes.  The beauty of these was that a good 90% of the model could be done with this scheme; this being furthered by multiple layered highlights simply over-brushed on, and augmented with contrasts and small details.  If anything I like the security squad the most.

This little collection could fit a variety of narratives, but whether they ever see any service, only time will tell...

*Of course Star Wars does not count as it clearly happened a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.